Saturday, March 21, 2009

$6.4 Million Bonus

Douglas Poling, $6.4 Million Bonus

In addition to Liddy, subpoenas will be served on 11 other
AIG executives who are believed to have received bonuses, Connecticut officials said, including Douglas Poling. Poling, an executive vice president, got a $6.4 million bonus, said a person familiar with the bonuses.

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who also has subpoenaed AIG, said $6.4 million was the biggest individual award of the more than $160 million in bonuses paid on March 13.
New York-based AIG sparked a national furor by paying $165 million in bonuses last week after receiving a $173 billion federal bailout. The U.S. House of Representatives responded to public outrage on March 19 by voting to impose a 90 percent tax on employee bonuses at AIG and other companies that get at least $5 billion in taxpayer bailout funds.

Douglas Polling Image Source: The Onion

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